Skarven (Oslo Fjord Sauna)

Skarven is our brand new sauna and it is designed by the Norwegian-Danish architects in Zeuthen+Stjern. It is candidate for "The City of Oslo architect prize 2019." 

Skarven is built out of wood from Nordic trees, with use of sustainable techniques. It has big windows and is a good place to experience the elements, wind and weather in the middle of Oslo. Skarven has a small changing room where you can leave belongings etc. There is a shower with cold water, and  it  has a diving board. 

To rent the sauna private cost 1800,- NOK for 2 hours. You can be up to 16 persons (The cost 1800,- is for the whole sauna, it´s up to you how many friends you will bring...). You book the sauna online.  At "Booking"(below) you will find available slots. If you would like to cancel your reservation, we will refund you 50% of the amount. NB: has to be done no later than 48 hours prior to your booking. Changes to your booking is free of charge- but has to be done at the latest 48 hours prior to your booking. 

We also have drop-in hours where you share the saunas with others. At drop-in you do not need to sign up in advance and you pay on arrival. Dropin has become very popular! Read more in the link below. 

When you rent the sauna you will also have 2 Sups (paddle boards) at your disposition. 

Welcome to a wilderness experience in urban Oslo! 

Important: Due to regulations the capacity of Skarven will be 8 people (if you are family or close friends, you can be up to 16 people). 

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